True strength comes from inside, we believe in finding your oasis in the hectic everyday life is the core of all you strong women out there. When you take time to yourself, focusing on just being in the moment, that is where we evolve. It doesn’t matter whether it is meditation, yoga, fighting or running. Find what makes you balanced and do it with love, as often as you can.

The Drop of Mindfulness founders, Princess Sofia, and Carolina Phil worked at Yoga to the People, a donation based yoga studio located in the East village. Here people from all different backgrounds came together to breathe for a moment, making yoga a natural part of their life.

After many yoga classes, long walks by the Hudson and endless discussions, Carolina and Sofia were united in the vision of a new yoga brand. Inspired by the colorful brands offered on the US market, the beautiful array of people in their yoga classes along with their Swedish background, Drop of Mindfulness was born in 2010.

»We saw a gap in the market when it comes to functional, colorful and inspiring yoga clothing. There were mostly loose, too dark colors and cotton styles being offered« says Carolina who has worked in the fashion industry for several years.

»We wanted to create a new brand, something that would inspire to a healthy living. Looking good inside and out« says Sofia, certified yoga teacher.

Drop of Mindfulness is driven by curiosity of answering, »What does a women want?« in combination with promoting a physical and mental healthy lifestyle.